I'm more confident and looking forward to life. It happened in six months. My husband, brother, and niece died within a two-month period. While my husband needed constant attention, the other two deaths were sudden. Is a lingering or sudden death easier? Don't ask me. I have no idea.

I was a mess, but Debbie came into my life like a bolt of sunshine. Like Thomas the Train, she was behind me all the way, gently moving me forward towards. We worked on nutrition, attitude, physical activity, and what my future might look like.

We worked together. Debbie would do the research. After every session, I would get an email uplifting and a reminder of the little steps we were trying for before the next session. There was no fear about the coming session. Failure was never an option. We would just reset.

Pretty early on, people began to notice my stride was better. I was losing some weight. Best of all, I could see a future for myself. Thank you, Debbie.