About Me



Hi! I’m Debbie.

I know what it’s like to travel on a hard journey,

like losing weight.

I was diagnosed with RA and traveled my path to remission and found me along the way.

This is my story.



You may be wondering what does my story have to do with finding a Happy Body Size? Maybe some can relate to feeling hopeless, why even try.

Do you ever feel like you have received a life sentence? That you have an impossible mountain to climb?

Around 2013 my joints started to hurt and then swell. I remember the first morning that I woke up and couldn’t stand because my feet were in too much pain. I had to crawl to the bathroom. I was scared.

I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a disease that destroys cartilage throughout the body, and for which there is no cure, they say.

This really stung as I was an x-ray tech and knew what that diagnosis meant.

They wanted me to go on some pretty toxic medication and that wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing. (not that there is anything wrong with medication), it wasn’t the path I wanted to take.

I was determined that my fingers and feet were not going to remain swollen, and I was not going to have to crawl across the floor, forever.

So, I did some research, decided on a holistic path and went about my mission.

Let me backup a bit. I had always been interested in learning about Health. It was and is fascinating to me how the body works. The connection between our mind body and spirits.

I didn’t fully live it though. I was abusive to my body in many ways.

Mentally I was extremely abusive to myself. I really bullied me. Spiritually I believed in a higher power and had even experienced God, but was very turned off by religion.

Turns out that excruciating pain and a diagnosis were exactly what I needed to start me on my journey toward a healthier life. It is also how I found me.

Because of my great fascination with health I had gathered some information. I started tweaking my nutrition and movement which definitely helped my symptoms lessen.

It wasn’t enough.

This is when  I decided to go all in. I signed up to IIN Institute for Integrative Nutrition, implemented everything I could and still had symptoms.

My gut, what I call my SGS-spiritual guidance system told me I needed to look within.

Once I discovered the root of my problem by connecting and listening to my inner guidance… and then did something to change it… my health began to significantly improve.

This will be different and unique to each person. The changes I needed to make had to happen deep inside me.

Basically, I needed to love myself. I needed to set some boundaries in relationships and at work.

And I desperately needed to say good-bye to the cruel voice inside me that criticized every move I made. I needed to find happiness within me.

It has been a long journey. Going through this process has not only been successful and enlightening, it has also enabled me to confidently share what I’ve learned with people trying to find their way through similar situations.

My purpose in this life as I see it, is to help you nurture the healthy you within. I started from scratch, I don’t want that for anyone else. 

My love of learning also took me to Erickson College’s Art & Science of Life Coaching and FMCA Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

The tools I’ve gathered over the years have been life changing.

I hold the IAHC certification for coaching and for 20+ years have been a licensed radiographic technologist.

I am a lifelong learner of Law of Attraction and  A Course in Miracles. Along with ALL spiritual texts.

It may sound strange, but I actually feel gratitude for the pain I endured and the diagnosis I received.

All experiences can be used as lessons when we allow it. I know this can be super hard to relate to.

If it were not for these difficult challenges, I would not have the improved health and happiness that I currently enjoy… and I would not be able to share what I’ve learned with people like you.

When the time feels right for you to begin your journey toward Your Happy Body Size, once and for all, please email me. It would be my honor to walk alongside you as your coach.