Debbie Roppo Health Coach

Find and keep your happy body size

Weight loss for health

Nurture the healthy you within

One-on-One Personalized Health Coaching

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach specializing in behavior change. We bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

My job is to hear you and co-create your personalized action steps that support your health goals.

Do you need to find and keep your happy body size so that…

  • sugar numbers improve
  • blood pressure lowers
  • insulin resistance shifts
  • cholesterol numbers improve
  • prevention of a diagnosis

How about doing it without DIETING?!

You ready? I am!


Digital Course

Launches 2023

What clients have to say…

I had been having cramps for a few months that finally got bad enough I decided to see my OB. At the appointment I...

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"I love Debbie because her motives are truly out of love, wanting to help people. She is a valuable resource of...

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Working with Debbie Roppo to achieve my 'Happy Body Size' has been an amazing experience! With her life-long education...

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In my journey to my Happy Body Size, Debbie has taught me how to break down the process into small easy baby steps...

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Have you ever been trapped even for a moment in an elevator or a dark room? That’s what it was like in my own body for...

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"Debbie was such a pleasure to work with. We spent 3 months working on the goals that she helped me to prioritize. She...

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