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Find and Keep your Happy Body Size

I am a behavior change specialist who teaches weight loss, using self love and baby steps.
Our unique approach, no dieting, your favorite foods are still available.


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What is a Happy Body Size? It’s when…
  • You are Happy with the Women Reflected Back in the Mirror
  • You are Happy with your Health Numbers
  • You are Living Happy


You know it, because you have experienced it!

Diets just don’t cut it. The weight comes off and you turn around, and it’s right back on. You then feel like…  you have failed!

I am here to tell you; IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. 80% of women who lose their weight on diets have it return.

Naturally you want to lose your weight, as easily as possible, and keep it off.

Climb Your Mountain

Imagine going to climb a mountain. You ask around and get some information on what you should bring. You pack your backpack and head out.

You start your climb and find there are tools needed that no one told you to bring. The map is outdated. Supplies run out and you don’t know how to forage for food. You have to turn back. There isn’t a choice.

This is what my clients have experienced over and over again.

I walked side by side with my sisters who struggled with weight almost all of their lives and I witnessed the BS solutions. I had to come up with a strategy that worked!

So I Did. Using the elements of Functional Medicine, Positive Psychology, and behavior science Find and Keep Your Happy Body Size was born.

Being a straight shooter I must tell you. It’s not a magic pill or fairy dust. Those don’t exist, don’t waste your money.

You are the one who has to actually do the climbing. This is why the journey must be well planned. Things like your ability in movement, knowledge of what foods are available, how to react to the surroundings and making sure there is plenty of rest and sleep. This is the only way you will make it to the summit, the top of the mountain.

The strategy includes 3 phases…

The 3 Phases are..

Preparation, Implementation and Maintenance

There are 4 areas we focus on in each phase. It’s your daily MEDS.



Daily Reactions


Preparation Phase

is where you gather the supplies needed for your backpack. Acknowledge where you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We must know this, so we know how much ground you can cover each day.

Which path is best. Straight up the mountain? Zig Zag up the mountain? Circle the mountain and take it nice and slow?

Pushed too hard, you will turn back.

Knowing how much ground you can cover, and then accomplishing it, gives a great sense of pride and inspires you to keep going. You start to believe maybe it is possible?

Implementation Phase

is where the journey starts. How to climb so you don’t hurt yourself.

Learning how to forage for food that gives energy and makes you feel good. Knowing that your favorite foods are all in the backpack and are available. 80/20 is perfect.

You learn how use the tools in your backpack. How to set up your tent so you can rest and sleep.

Learning to enjoy the journey. That it isn’t a race. It is a beautiful challenging adventure.

Hope starts to grow.

Maintenance Phase

is where the tools are easier to use, they are more familiar. Knowing how to forage for food. You can set up your tent quickly now. You stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery often, and swim in the beautiful clear waters.

This is also where you learn what to do if a storm comes. How to use the walkie talkie to reach out if help is needed. What to do if there is more ground that needs covered, and you just don’t feel like it.

This is where you are confident the summit will be reached. The tools you need are in place. You know what to do.

You are patient, gentle, kind and loving to yourself. Acknowledging and understanding that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to reach the summit, it only matters, that you keep taking baby steps forward.

You are happy and enjoying the adventure of your life one baby step at a time.

This is also where you reach the summit. You make it! You have your strategies and a plan, so you can stay. You never need leave the mountain top.

You feel healthy, happy, and peaceful. The weight loss journey is over. You feel reborn.

Are you wanting to be…

happy with the woman reflected in the mirror?

happy with your health numbers?

happy with your life?

Then you are in the right place.

I am health coach who specializes in behavior change, that supports women Finding and Keeping Their Happy Body Size.

Personalized Health Coaching

The way I see it, if we’re all different (and we all are!), then our Happy Body Size should be specific to us.

My job is to support you through…

  • Preparation Phase 
  • Implementation Phase 
  • Maintenance Phase 

I am here with a plethora of knowledge, specifically personalized to you. We create changes that will last you a lifetime so that YOU CAN REACH THE TOP OF YOUR MOUNTAIN AND ENJOY THE VIEW.

I am here to encourage, inform, support, challenge, inspire, comfort, hold accountable, teach and listen to YOU.

We start where YOU are.


Free Seminars

Would your group like to know more about how to Find and Keep their Happy Body Size?

As my way of giving back, I volunteer an hour each month to meet with groups of people who want to know more about HOW to lose weight.

Topics I typically touch upon include…

  • Adding food
  • Finding movement that is fun
  • Nurturing our love for self
  • Learning to stop bullying self
  • Exploring health stumbling blocks that hinder us
  • Finding fun
  • Exploring our passions

Each seminar may also be adapted to your particular group’s needs. 

Please note that I schedule just one 60-minute seminar each month, so it’s best to secure your spot early. Use contact form below to contact me about reserving a date for your group.



What clients have to say…

Have you ever been trapped even for a moment in an elevator or a dark room? That’s what it was like in my own body for many years.
Then I started to work with Debbie, and she started to show me that I had the keys to be free.
Small baby steps every day.
Many times, I didn’t understand how it was all working. But I have gone from 465 pounds to 350 pounds in 2 years, slowly going down.
I have been on hundreds of diets, went to weight meetings, classes, even got hypnotized to lose weight. I would lose and then gain back all the weight and more time and time again.
Debbie has a gift, to me she is a healer.
My journey continues and with Debbie by my side soon I will be at what Debbie calls my happy body size. Yeah me.


"Debbie was such a pleasure to work with. We spent 3 months working on the goals that she helped me to prioritize. She kept me focused using visualization techniques, meditation and journaling. I was thrilled with how productive our time together proved to be. I now have the tools to stay focused and stay on track. She is wonderful!!"


"When I met Debbie, I was ready to make some changes in my life. Her knowledge, techniques and kind heart kept me motivated to do the work necessary to truly have a fulfilled authentic life."


"Debbie is the genie that unlocks the dreams of the past and creates new aspirations for the future"


"Debbie has spent a lifetime seeking out the truth....I trust her and have been deeply blessed by her. 5 * all the way!"