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Once and for all weight loss; find your Happy Body Size and keep it. I am a health coach that guides women through their last weight loss journey.


IWelcome and thank you for visiting! 

Once and for all weight loss; find your Happy Body Size and keep it.

If this sounds appealing you’re in the right place. 

  I’ve watched my beloved sisters and mom struggle with weight my entire life. Witnessing tears because of rude comments. Shame as they looked in their mirrors. Guilt because they were really trying and they would lose and gain the weight right back, often even more. Frustration because they couldn’t find the help they needed even though they were really trying to.

I’ve walked along with my clients on their journeys and witnessed the same things. The struggle, shame, guilt, and frustration is real, I get it!

I’ve had a passion for health, healing, behavior science, mind shifts and more my entire life.

Though I personally haven’t had to walk the path of weight loss. I have felt personally the challenges of it. I know about needing to make sure you look ahead to see if you are going to be able to fit through a path chosen by another. How cornstarch works better than baby powder for thigh chafing. I get it!

Though I haven’t faced a weight loss challenge I have faced a very challenging diagnosis and had to overcome it. You can see my story on the About Me page. I see you. I understand you.

I want to focus on you specifically.  How can we create an environment for you in your body, mind and spirit that can support you finding and keeping your Happy Body Size, whatever that may be. This is what I excel in. I have witnessed amazing results with my clients. I can’t wait to see yours!


Personalized Health Coaching

The way I see it, if we’re all different (and we all are!), then our Happy Body Size should be specific to us.

My job is to support you in…

  • Gaining results by exploring ways and strategies that take you towards your Happy Body Size.
  • Finding the stumbling blocks that get in your way and create give strategies to get around them.
  • Identify what is keeping your systems over stimulated, that hinders weight loss.
  • Calming your systems that supports weight loss.
  • Explore current mindsets about the path to your Happy Body Size. (this is normally life altering)
  • Find your connection to the higher power of your choosing, and tap into for support.
  • Improve your happiness and fun. (this is vital)
  • Debunking myths like, you won’t be able to eat your favorite foods anymore. 
  • Creating a lifestyle that is joyful mind, body and spirit.

We identify your Happy Body Size, I then coach you into creating baby action steps, that take you there step by step. 

I am here with a plethora of knowledge, specifically personalized for you. We create changes that will last you a lifetime so that THIS is your last weight loss journey.

I am here to encourage, inform, support, challenge, inspire, comfort, hold accountable, teach and listen to YOU.

Free Seminars

Would your group like to know more about how to unveil to their Happy Body Weight?

As my way of giving back, I volunteer an hour each month to meet with groups of people who want to know more about HOW to improve Joy in life.

Topics I typically touch upon include…

  • Adding food
  • Finding movement that is fun
  • Nurturing our love for self
  • Learning to stop bullying self
  • Exploring health stumbling blocks that hinder us
  • Finding what makes us happy
  • Exploring our passions

Each seminar may also be adapted to your particular group’s needs. 

Please note that I schedule just one 60-minute seminar each month, so it’s best to secure your spot early. Use contact form below to contact me about reserving a date for your group.



What clients have to say…

Have you ever been trapped even for a moment in an elevator or a dark room? That’s what it was like in my own body for many years.
Then I started to work with Debbie, and she started to show me that I had the keys to be free.
Small baby steps every day.
Many times, I didn’t understand how it was all working. But I have gone from 465 pounds to 350 pounds in 2 years, slowly going down.
I have been on hundreds of diets, went to weight meetings, classes, even got hypnotized to lose weight. I would lose and then gain back all the weight and more time and time again.
Debbie has a gift, to me she is a healer.
My journey continues and with Debbie by my side soon I will be at what Debbie calls my happy body size. Yeah me.


"Debbie was such a pleasure to work with. We spent 3 months working on the goals that she helped me to prioritize. She kept me focused using visualization techniques, meditation and journaling. I was thrilled with how productive our time together proved to be. I now have the tools to stay focused and stay on track. She is wonderful!!"


"When I met Debbie, I was ready to make some changes in my life. Her knowledge, techniques and kind heart kept me motivated to do the work necessary to truly have a fulfilled authentic life."


"Debbie is the genie that unlocks the dreams of the past and creates new aspirations for the future"


"Debbie has spent a lifetime seeking out the truth....I trust her and have been deeply blessed by her. 5 * all the way!"