"I love Debbie because her motives are truly out of love, wanting to help people. She is a valuable resource of information to direct your steps, and help you find the tools you need, but the love is what resonates with me encouraging me to believe in myself again!"


Working with Debbie Roppo to achieve my 'Happy Body Size' has been an amazing experience! With her life-long education and experiences, the support, motivation, and encouragement she has given me have led me to approach losing weight in a whole new light! Debbie has shared tools and strategies I needed to apply to overcome obstacles, prioritize my life and achieve a sense of self-worth that I was never able to before! Ms.Roppo is a true joy. Debbie is uplifting, fun, and truly inspirational!


In my journey to my Happy Body Size, Debbie has taught me how to break down the process into small easy baby steps that add up to overcoming big obstacles and achieving my goals. I've learned to focus on my current choice and not critique myself for past choices. As long as I don't give up, I have not failed.

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