One on One Coaching

Become the Captain of your health!

One on One Coaching

As a health coach my responsibility is to support the health goals of my client.

Whether it is a diagnosis they need to navigate, a weight loss goal they would like to achieve, wanting to reduce their premature aging concerns, or the desire to feel healthier physically, mentally and spiritually.

This is achieved with the commitment from coach to client and client to coach but most importantly from client to self.

The coach’s responsibility is to support the client in making lifestyle changes that will propel them in the direction of their health goal using a variety of tools, techniques and information.

The clients responsibility is to participate, with commitment to self, in creating a lifestyle that achieves their health goals. Taking the steps.

So much change can take place with one decision. (see the about me page for my story) As you take steps towards your optimal health everything shifts!

With one decision and a coach at your side, life starts to transform. Not only in relation to your health goals either! It flows over into other areas of your life.

You are a master healer of self.  This we know!


 What We offer…

1 coaching session at $100.

3 month commitment-2 sessions a month totaling 6 sessions at $500. ($100 savings)

6 month commitment-2 sessions a month, totaling 12 sessions at $900. ($300 savings)

We offer these discounts to say “bravo” for the commitment made to you!!

We don’t have any fairy dust, we really wish we did! It takes a commitment from, you – to, you for the transformation to take place.

You will have unlimited email access to your personal certified health coach.

Let’s grow together!

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Benefits of one on one coaching:

  • It’s all about you. – (rethink this)
  • Support and accountability (always with compassion and love 😊)
  • Tools and information that support growth
  • Sharpens decision-making skills
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Boosts confidence

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