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As a health coach. My job, as I see it, is to shine light on my clients path. I do not choose the path. The client comes having a desire for something to change in their health. This is where the journey begins. With a desire for change.

Maybe it is weight loss so they can move better with their grandchildren. Their doctor tells them they need to move more to improve their health. A desire of healing from a diagnosis. The stress of their career is making them ill so some stress management tools are needed. Anxiety tools that would open doors to healing. To fully and completely love, accept and know themselves as healed.

I believe our pull or urging towards health comes from our SGS (Spiritual Guidance System). We can feel it in our guts that something has to change. Our SGS is ALWAYS urging us towards our core authentic self. The purest most joyful healthful version of us.

In the healing process, it is often more than just eating nutritious food. Or adding more movement to our day. Attention on leaving and/or setting up boundaries in relationships may need attention. Removing toxins from our environment so we can heal. Using tools that relieve us of our anxiety. We must look at any area that is hindering the healing process, we must get to the root.

We can white knuckle our health changes for awhile but will often fall right back into our old habits. The only way off of the hamster wheel is to make our decisions from our core authentic self. By hearing and listening to our SGS, Spiritual Guidance System. By creating new neuropathways with the tools provided. (yes this is possible)

If we only look at the symptom, the thing we want to change superficially. It compares to if our foot hurts and we find a tack in our foot. Taking ibuprofen to ease the pain but not taking out the tack.

Or if the faucet is running and the plug is in the sink. The water starts to overflow and we just keep mopping up the floor.

It’s NOT LOGICAL hence why we keep finding ourselves where we don’t want to be. If we aren’t using tools that create long lasting change we will repeat our past.

Instead lets take the tack out of our foot, lets unplug the sink! Let’s find the root cause.


You may be thinking, great this all sounds good but HOW?!

With a Certified Health Coach who is a Master at uncovering health. Using Functional Medicine, Positive Psychology and connecting to our Spiritual Guidance System.

With the Functional Medicine Coach approach we are interested in who you are at your core. What do you want your life to be like? Who do you want to be? What needs removed? What needs added? We explore you. Positive Psychology is science based. It supports motivation and long term change. It’s the part that helps us do the steps that need done, to get us to where we want to be. Doable baby steps are the key to long term transformation. We also must learn to identify, hear and listen to our Spiritual Guidance System

All of you matters…body, mind and spirit.

 My hearts passion is to assist women in feeling strong and healthy, full of energy and joy. To feel deep self love and compassion. I truly believe that we have more power than we credit ourselves with. We have Core Authentic Wisdom. The Universe/God is always conspiring to meet our needs. When we live from Core Authentic Self, in the light, we are a magnet for our hopes and dreams.

Let me coach you, so you too can live from this space.

What I offer…

Each session is 40 minutes.

1 session at $70.00

1 month commitment- 4 sessions at $250 ($30 savings).

3 month commitment-12 sessions at $750. ($90 savings)

6 month commitment-24 sessions at $1500. ($180 savings)

You will also have unlimited email access to me your personal health coach. I will provide handouts and additional support specific to your needs. Addressing those stumbling blocks.

Tools like the VIA survey so we can learn your top character strengths which supports the ability to shift. Wellness 360 Map, The Timeline, Meditation and other Mindfulness techniques that align with you. Using tools that are science and spiritual based.

I know it can feel overwhelming to start a new journey. (I’ve been there. Take a look at the About Me page). There isn’t any need to look at the whole staircase though, only the baby step we need to take next. Long term change happens one baby step at a time.

If you are curious or interested in having the support of a Certified Health Coach, scroll down and sign up for a free coaching session.
I would love to hear from you.


Let’s live from core authentic self!


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Benefits of personalized coaching:

  • It’s all about you, and what will work for you
  • Support and accountability (always with compassion and love 😊)
  • Tools and information that encourage your specific goals once and for all.
  • Having an advocate for your journey, I have your back
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to make changes. This is HUGE!!!!

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