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This is ALL about You and Your Health Journey

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As a health coach my responsibility is to support the health goals of the client.

Whether it is…

Weight Loss

or a Diagnosis of…


Heart Disease

With a Certified Health Coach at our side we aren’t alone on our journey. 

I focus on weight loss to assist in prevention and potential reversal of our chronic disease. Mainly Type 2 diabetes and heart disease (high blood pressure etc.).

95% of diets fail. After 1-5 years the weight is back on and often even more that we started with. (I know their are women nodding your head)

When it comes to chronic disease like diabetes and heart disease the USA ranks around 30th in healthcare. With acute care we are amazing. It is with chronic conditions we rank poorly.  This is because in traditional healthcare the symptom is the only focus.

This would be like a patient coming in with pain in their foot. A tack being found in the foot and ibuprofen given to ease the symptom of pain. Leaving the tack in the foot!

Or if the faucet is running and the plug is in the sink. The water starts to overflow and we just keep mopping up the floor.

Lets take the tack out of your foot, lets unplug the sink!


The approach I use is amazing for anyone who is looking to achieve their healthy weight. (It will be different for everyone. This isn’t a one size fits all world, thank goodness, variety is beautiful!! 🙂

This approach is so beneficial for anyone diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or heart disease. We don’t catch these diseases. There is an abundance of lifestyle changes, tips and tools that can be implemented through baby steps.

This is where Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology come in. With the Functional Medicine Coach approach we are interested in the root cause and take steps in that direction. Using Positive Psychology supports motivation and long term change. Doable baby steps are so valuable. 

My hearts passion is to assist in the healing process. I truly believe that we have more power than we credit ourselves with. Our bodies are so wise. There is much we can do!!!!

I invite you to explore with me and leave feeling healthier!!!

What I offer…

Sessions are 30 minutes

1 month commitment- 4 sessions at $200.

3 month commitment-12 sessions at $500. ($100 savings)

6 month commitment-24 sessions at $1000. ($200 savings)

The client will also have unlimited email access to me their personal health coach. I will provide handouts and additional support.

Things like the VIA survey so we can learn your top character strengths which supports the ability to shift. Fun food journal handouts, not like any you’ve seen. Wellness 360 Map, The Timeline tool and many more.

I know it can feel overwhelming to start a health journey. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis years ago and starting that journey was really challenging. But without that experience I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Healthier and happier than I could of ever hoped for. Changing my lifestyle and my health choices not only relieved me of the pain of RA, it changed my life. Looking at the obvious things like nutrition and exercise was only the start. I looked at my environment, relationships, stress management skills and my internal dialogue.

I did this one baby step at a time so I wasn’t overwhelmed. No need to look at the whole staircase, only the baby step we need to take next.

If you are curious or interested in having the support of a Certified Health Coach, scroll down
and sign up for a free consultation. I would love to hear your health goals.


Let’s grow together!


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Benefits of one on one coaching:

  • It’s all about you, and what will work for you
  • Support and accountability (always with compassion and love 😊) 
  • Tools and information that support your specific health goals
  • Having an advocate for your health, I have your back
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to heal. This is HUGE!!!!

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Debbie Roppo Health Coach

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