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The 4 Gates to Health

One on One Coaching

As a health coach my responsibility is to support the health goals of my client, YOU.

Whether it is a diagnosis of…

Autoimmune Disease


Heart Disease



With a certified health coach at your side you won’t be alone on your journey.

I know first hand how frightening a diagnosis can be, I was diagnosed with RA. Please take a look at my About Me page to read about my health journey.

The USA ranks around 30th in healthcare. We get this low ranking due to our treatment of chronic illnesses like the ones I mentioned above. For us to gain our health back we must do more than what we are currently doing in traditional healthcare.

This is where a health coach can be of a great benefit. I use the 4 Gates Exploration Method to support you and your doctors approach.

The 4 Gates we explore are…

Nutrition     Steps     Environment     Worries

Focusing on these 4 areas there is much we can do to add additional support, to whatever you may be currently trying to heal in your body.  

I used this method myself and was able to obtain remission with my Rheumatoid Arthritis, an incurable disease that can have terrible outcomes. With my approach I’ve been able to live a healthy life without any medication. Of course I would never give any advice on what you and your doctor decide. That part is between you and your doctor.

But what I can do is add many life changing tools that can support you in your healing journey.

This is my hearts passion to assist in the healing process. I truly believe that we have more power over our health than we are credited with.

If you are curious or interested in having the support of a certified health coach on your journey towards health I encourage you to sign up for a free consultation.

Here is one testimonial I received…

I had been having cramps for a few months that finally got bad enough I decided to see my OB. At the appointment I learned I had a 4-5cm ovarian cyst — the size of a golf ball! My OB said that I should come back in 6 weeks to check its size again. He said that if it hadn’t shrunk by the time I came back (which he was anticipating it wouldn’t since I had had it for a few months based on my symptoms), then I would need laparoscopic surgery to remove it, since it was at risk of bursting. The surgery would involve 3 incisions and a week laid up in bed; needless to say I wanted to avoid it. 
I reached out to Debbie to see if there was anything I could do to try and get my body to heal the cyst naturally. I told her I had 6 weeks to shrink it or I would need surgery. Debbie gave me a ton of recommendations which I implemented immediately (diet changes, new supplements, castor oil packs, etc.). She was great about meeting me where I was at and helping me figure out which recommendations would fit into my life — it definitely didn’t feel like a major overhaul but rather small little things I could incorporate for 6 weeks.
6 weeks later I went back to the OB — and the cyst was half the size! My OB was so pleased and said “I have no concerns at all about this — I’ll see you at your annual appointment but no need for us to keep monitoring this.” 
I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking for help healing conditions naturally.


Come explore the 4 Gates with me and lets find your health!!!

What I offer…

1 coaching session at $100.

3 month commitment-2 sessions a month totaling 6 sessions at $500. ($100 savings)

6 month commitment-2 sessions a month, totaling 12 sessions at $1000. ($200 savings)

I offer the discounts because changing our health takes time and the more committed we are the better.

The sessions will include a personalized approach to your particular health concerns. It’s about focusing on what your needs are, how and what we can implement that will fit into your life. I know if its not doable we won’t do it!

Scroll down, take the first step and sign up for a free consultation. YOU ARE SO WORTH THE TIME ENERGY AND EVEN THE MONEY!!!!!


Let’s grow together!

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Benefits of one on one coaching:

  • It’s all about you, and what will work for you
  • Support and accountability (always with compassion and love 😊) 
  • Tools and information that support your specific health goals
  • Having an advocate for your health, I have your back
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to heal. This is HUGE!!!!

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