Group Coaching

Gather your friends or family and start your health journey!

Holistic Group Coaching for Healthy Longevity for Women

Welcome to our group coaching program designed specifically for women who are interested in promoting healthy longevity. Holistic refers to maintaining good health and well-being in all areas of life, including the body, mind, and spirit. Healthy longevity is not just to live a long life but to maintain good health and vitality throughout one’s lifespan.

Our program offers a supportive and empowering environment where women can connect, learn valuable health strategies, and achieve their personal goals through a holistic approach to wellness.


Program Details:


Group Size:

Our program is designed for small groups of 2, 4, or 6 women to ensure a personalized and interactive experience.


The program runs for 12 weeks, with one-hour sessions held once a week.


Sessions are held virtually, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home.


Our program covers a range of health and wellness topics, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, self-care, healthy longevity, and holistic wellness. Each session includes a combination of education, discussion, and group coaching.


Our program is led by Debbie Roppo, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with years of experience working with women and a focus on promoting holistic wellness.


Our program is priced at $2200.00 per group for the 12-week program, regardless of the number of participants in the group. This means that whether there are two, four, or six women in the group, the cost will remain the same.


Benefits of Group Coaching:


Supportive Community:

Group coaching provides a supportive and encouraging community where you can connect with other women who share similar goals and experiences. This sense of community can be motivating, inspiring, and provide a sense of belonging.

Increased Accountability:

Group coaching provides a level of accountability that can be difficult to achieve when working on your own. The group dynamic provides support, encouragement, and accountability to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals.

Diverse Perspectives:

Group coaching offers a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and insights. This can provide a richer and more comprehensive understanding of health and wellness topics and help you to approach challenges from different angles.


Group coaching can be a more cost-effective option than individual coaching. By sharing the cost of the coach’s time and expertise among the group, each participant can receive personalized coaching at a lower cost.

Enhanced Learning:

Group coaching can facilitate enhanced learning through discussion and group activities. Participants can share their experiences and insights, ask questions, and receive feedback from the coach and other group members.


My Story:


I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis years ago and in wanting to heal without medication, I explored various holistic approaches to health and wellness.

What I found was what felt like a fountain of youth in the health of my body, the alertness of my mind, and the peace and calm in my spirit.

Through my journey, I became passionate about helping other women to achieve similar levels of health and wellness, and I founded this group coaching program.




The cost of our 12-week group coaching program is $1200.00 per group. This includes access to all 12 sessions, personalized coaching, and program materials.




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We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards healthy longevity and holistic wellness!

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