Personalized Health Coaching

Let's get to the root

Health Coach

A person whose purpose is to guide another in obtaining and experiencing better health in their mind, body, and spirit. The end goal is for all women to live a life that is joyful, healthy, and passionate on her terms. This is my life long passion. To do just this!


Keeping your heart open. Living without agenda or expectations. Pure. Loving yourself and others. What I feel for every woman!


An inner drive that pulls the woman in a direction which brings excitement and unveils her purpose. Health coaching is my passion and it is my purpose.


Your internal dialogue that is connected to your belief systems, physical anatomy and chemical reactions. Mine used to be cruel, now it is loving. I want that for you too.


The physical form that houses your mind and the spiritual part of you.


Inner true voice. The Great One. God. The universe. All truth and love. Our guide.


Body – Physically well and vibrant. Mind – Loving your internal dialogue and belief systems. Spirit – Being connected to your Source and knowing your purpose. This is my hearts desire for every Sister.

Crowding Out

Focusing on adding what is healthy instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t be doing. When we add in, our bodies start to become healthier and we have less time for bad choices. The healthier we are the easier it is to make healthy choices.


Every female. Race, religion, etc. is irrelevant. We were not created to compete. We were created to celebrate each other. To bond together.

Physical Movement

Anything that activates the body’s healing system, through movement. Yoga, walking, gardening, playing, sex, etc. I use this word instead of exercise because I was talking with my sister about weight loss and when I said the word exercise she physically looked...


An obstacle. A problem where the solution can’t be seen yet!

Goal weight

A weight where your medical numbers are in a healthy range. Blood pressure, sugar numbers, etc. Size is irrelevant.

Authentic Self

Who you are meant to be. You without the negative thoughts and mindsets we have come to believe about ourselves. Our most beautiful form.


Representation of the beauty of a woman.


Representative of the process of finding our authentic self.


A group of butterflies. Us in our most beautiful form.


Eat 80% of the time super healthy foods and 20% of the time eat anything you want. When eating 80% of the time healthful, the 20% the body can handle. If fighting illness then the percentage should be tweaked.


One man’s poison is another man’s medicine and one man’s medicine is another man’s poison. Everybody is different and the needs and wants of every individual is different. Someone else’s solution may not be your solution.