Hi Friend,

My secret is that my connection to Spirit and self-love is what healed me.

Yup that’s right. Making changes in my diet and movement to improve my health only took me so far. I felt better but still something was missing.

I have seen this over and over again with clients. The physical changes that are made are awesome and can make such a huge difference. But when the client opens up to their spiritual connection and starts to use self-love is when the true healing begins.

If you imagine a sink that is clogged and the water is running over. The physical actions we take is like using a mop to clean up the water that is going over the edge. Important but we need more.

It is only when we put attention on our spiritual journey and implement self-love that the sink unclogs.

The studies show that people can eat all of the right foods and workout perfect and still be very unhealthy. We have also seen people who eat horrible and never exercise and live a long healthy life.

Having a relationship with Your Higher Power and loving You is absolutely the best step you can take in living a healthy happy joyful and peaceful life.

Does this mean we shouldn’t be attentive to our food and movement? Of course we should. What this means is that the number one priority for us, if we want to live our most abundant lives, is to nurture our spiritual connection and learn to love ourselves unconditionally.

Learning self love and having a deep connection to my Higher Power is my greatest medicine!

What is a baby step you could take to nurture these areas of your life?

My Best,