Change can be chaotic. A tool that is supporting me is, good old baby steps. You’ve heard me say it a million times, baby steps are enough. It’s true. I’ve really seen the power of them over these weeks.

It’s ok that all of my health routines haven’t yet, gotten figured out here. So what! I’m baby stepping my way back. My work out routine, gone! So what! I’m baby stepping my way back. When a change happens to us, any change. We can sometimes feel like we aren’t doing enough to get back on our feet, or we do nothing because we are paralyzed by the mountain of shit we now have to deal with.

Baby steps take care of both of these problems.

  1. It’s ok that you are going at the pace that serves you, as long as you are taking baby steps. Think slow and steady here.
  2. Instead of looking at the whole mountain just focus on the step that needs taken, A lot less overwhelming.

Bio-individuality is one of my favorite things in functional medicine. One size fits none. Do what works for you. Design your baby steps to fit you.

Baby step your way to the healthy you within.

My Best Debbie