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Kaleidoscope of Sisters Membership

For the past 35 years, I have dreamed of helping my fellow woman. For years, I struggled with addictions, self-loathing, depression and had a huge void with relationship skills. I felt extremely helpless.

Today my life is filled with joy, confidence, a healthy lifestyle and am in a strong, passionate relationship with my soul mate. After many years of reading, studying and taking classes I have obtained a vast knowledge on nutrition, exercise, skin care, and self-help mindsets to assist women to change their lives as well.

I wish I could have had someone to turn to when I was experiencing my own rough times. I want to be that someone for you.

The Kaleidoscope Of Sisters offers 12 videos each month (3 videos, 4 Sundays per month) on Mind, Body and Spirit in which you will receive a huge variety of nuggets of information I have learned and developed.

For just $10 per month (opt out of your monthly subscription at any time)

You can have your very own Health Coach so you too can live with love, joy, passion, and peace. You are WORTH it!


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