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Kaleidoscope of Sisters Membership

 Receive 3/10 minute videos, 4 Sundays a month.  All new members will receive a FREE JOURNAL!

The video categories are:


The Mind/Body videos contain health information and tools relating to physical and mental health.


The Spirit videos include guided meditations and conversations that are created to inspire self love.

Weekly Health Coach Check-In (New in January!)
 A one-on-one review with Debbie, your Certified Health Coach, of your weekly intentions. It’s so easy to lose motivation, we want to help keep you on track!

Unlimited e-mail access to Debbie

ALL of this for JUST $10/month!!!

The Debbie Roppo Health Coach team is dedicated to supporting the growth of ALL women! Grow yourself by becoming a member today.

This Membership can also be purchased as a gift for a fellow woman!


Let’s grow together!



Internal Dialogue
Shifting Mindsets


Physical Practices
Nutritional Tips
Body Image


Experiencing Your
Authentic Self
Passion and

Debbie Roppo Health Coach

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