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Kaleidoscope of Sisters Membership

 Member only access to three 10 minute videos, 4 Sundays a month.

The benefit of this membership is the time spent focusing on you.

Watch each video and then reflect,

Where am I at in my life? What do I want? How am I going to get it? How can I shift? What baby step can I take this week?  

Progress at your own pace with email support from your personal certified health coach if desired.

The video categories are:



The Body videos are full of health information and lifestyle tools relating to the physical body.

Nutrition, exercise, skin care, anything realated to the physical body.

The goal is to add tools to our toolbox of life.

The benefit of doing this is so that we live healthier lives.


The Mind/Spirit videos include guided meditations and conversations that are created to inspire self love. Understanding the truth of who we are, not what the world has taught us.

Reflection on our feelings and really honoring them.

They are created to bridge the distance between physical and mental health with spirit.

The benefits of these videos are determined by the work we are willing to put in. Cultivating self-love changes everything in our lives. When we come from love we are grounded, empowered, hopeful, and free.

Health Coach Check In

A one-on-one review with Debbie, your Certified Health Coach. It’s so easy to lose motivation, with our weekly Check-In we stay on track.

This is where the action takes place:

What do you want?

Who is responsible?

How are you going to get one step closer ?

When will this get accomplished?

Why do you want it?


We offer Unlimited e-mail access to Debbie

Where do you what to transform in your life? Let us coach you there!

All of this for

Just $10/month!

The Debbie Roppo Health Coach team is dedicated to supporting the growth of ALL women! Grow yourself by becoming a member today. This membership can also be gifted.

Gift empowerment, love, hope, freedom, and the sense of being grounded to a women who doesn’t yet see her light. We see it! Let us be her support. Gift her a certified personal health coach and watch her blossom one baby step at a time.

Let’s grow together!

Debbie Roppo Health Coach

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